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How was billy behind the face mask fiasco on young and the restless

""The Young and the Restless's" Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) recently hit J. Jeffrey Todd "JT" Hellstrom is a character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Thad Luckinbill since 1999. Restless Rant Week of March 29 – April 2: It’s more of a rave than a rant for The Young and the Restless this week! For a change, it felt like things were really happening. For several months she has been dealing with dizziness, ringing in the ears, mood swings, and even fainting. Next on The Young and the Restless: Billy tells Victor, “Jack’s the one who sabotaged the company, he poisoned the face masks. A fire breaks out in The Underground. JT Hellstrom is the son of Martha and Tom Hellstrom. Of course the storylines are still too close to Passions for comfort, but I’m always looking for the silver-lining with my fave soap, and this week it wasn’t hard – there was anticipation, laugh out loud moments . This week, CBS\' long-running soap will see through the aftermath of some decisions and actions, and a confusing situation for one of the characters of \"The Young and the Restless. Fans saw the unfolding of a storyline that is filled with families being torn about and relationships being challenged. Jack (Peter Bergman) makes a bold move towards Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) on the August 9, 2018 episode of “The Young and the Restless. \"Young and Restless spoilers indicate that the real Jack will be shown still tied up and held hostage by Kelly. He yells that he will never pick Kelly over Phyllis. T. A lot has happened while I've been away. ” Ashley wants Jack to look her in the eye and tell her he’s not behind it. John’s ghost will show up yet again, giving him some insight on how to get himself out of this mess. Jack will manage to free one of his hands, and from there he gets himself loose. ” Photo: Howard Wise/JPI Studios for CBSSpoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate a twist regarding Victoria Newman's health issues. The twins look appalled by as Cane announces he has an awesome plan for their Halloween party. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill) with a fire poker that ultimately leads to his death protecting her daughter. He has two sons, Reed Hellstrom, with Victoria Newman and Dylan Hellstrom with his …The cast of \"The Young and the Restless\" has been through a lot since it first aired. I was in NY for CBS press day (summer prime time shows) and then at the ATX festival (all TV all the time!), and then this week The Young and the Restless Eric Braeden has become an Iron Man of daytime soaps who will mark his 40th anniversary on "Young and the Restless. It was thought the symptoms were coming from the concussion Vicky got as a result of falling when Abby threw a drink in her face

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